Vibrant Wellness success story by Vibrant Gracie

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There is no denying that this pandemic really made a big impact in our lives. Some businesses closed and many has lost their jobs. Being the madiskarteng Pinoy that we are, we always find ways.

Everyone is into business nowadays, especially online business which is the current trend. We all want to have extra income so we can save up or at least try to make both ends meet.

New normal situation requires new normal business ideas. Any business idea is almost welcome.

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Pretty sure you have heard by now about the newest trending products from Vibrant Wellness which everyone has been raving about. I bet you wanna try it as well.

To help you decide whether joining in this trending health and wellness business is worth it, let me share with you a success story from Vibrant Gracie.

Read on and be inspired to start your own Vibrany journey!

How did you learn about Vibrant Wellness?

My niece introduced it to me saying I should try the coffee coz itโ€™s delicious, tastes like a famous coffee brand.

Have you been into networking business before? What made you say yes to Vibrant Wellness?

I was a member of this MLM business of food supplements which I never really had a chance to utilize because I didn’t have enough knowledge on how to do the business. I was very frustrated because it took me quite an amount money to avail (utang pa!). In the end, I gained nothing out of it. When I joined vibrant, I was really not into the business side. I just wanted to get the coffee for much lower price. I really like the taste and I want it to be my everyday coffee and so I was only after the discount.

Tell us about your Vibrant journey

I tried the coffee, I loved it in an instant and so I signed up as a member. My niece pushed me to post marketing photos on facebook. I sent PMs to my friends and that’s when my business started.

Luckily I have supportive friends who bought the coffee I got for the membership package. In less than 2days, the 1st 14boxes was sold out. So I replenished my stocks and it’s amazing how fast my stocks come and go. What is more amazing is that most (if not all) of those who tried the product actually signed up for membership.

After less than a month of being an official Vibrant Wellness distributor, I applied for a stockist position. And now I have my executive badge! Stocks are fast moving, all I have to do is post personal testimony and feedback from friends who’ve tried the products. So far, all my customers are satisfied with the products. “Hindi ka mapapahiya ika nga!”

How did Vibrant Wellness help you with your finances?

In all honesty, I was not expecting to get good income from this business as I am a full time employee in a manufacturing company. It was never in my mind that I will earn 70k within 3 months into Vibrant Wellness. That is only for system earning, what more if I will include income from retailing. At first, I used to regularly compute my sales from retailing, but now, for me it’s just a bonus income. The Php 3750 investment has come a long way. Fast ROI is really guaranteed. Now I have enough in my pocket to purchase stocks and keep the business going.

Introduce your products and convince our readers to try it out

As I’ve said, I joined Vibrant Wellness because I love the taste of the coffee plus it’s sugar-free. All our products are sugar-free and they taste really good too. Available products are Vibrant Coffee (with stevia and collagen),Vibrant Glow (gluta with collagen and vit c), Vibrant vitamin c (with rosehip and camucamu), Vibrant milk tea (with stevia) and Vibrant herbal juice (with stevia).

More exciting products are coming! So, what are you waiting for? Try our products now and let the product do the talking ๐Ÿ™‚.

Have a Vibrant day everyone! Hope this article inspired you to start your Vibrant journey. Feel free to share this and help inspire someone today.

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