Where do I Order Seeds or Seedlings for my Backyard Garden?

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Since most of our weekends mean we stay at home because of the pandemic, there are so many PLANTitos and PLANTitas nowadays. I understand, seeing your plant grow beautifully, whether it’s a flower, a vegetable or a succulent, it’s giving you a sense of accomplishment. You just nurture it with water, sunlight and small talks, and amazingly enough, it grows on you. In case you are wondering, where do I order seeds or seedlings for my backyard garden? I order it online.

GreenAce Garden

My PLANTita story started when I saw a shared post of Caballero trees, (flame or fire trees) in Batangas and it brought back memories of my stay in Japan. Sakura or Cherry Blossoms is so mesmerizing and you will definitely fall in love with spring. If you haven’t seen one yet, include Sakura viewing in your bucket list. Of course it’s only possible once this pandemic is over.

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So, I asked some friends from Batangas City if they have Caballero trees and they do, however, they don’t know if I need a branch or a seed. So I googled and accidentally saw GreenAce Garden at Shopee and they are selling the seeds. I placed my order immediately and they delivered it within six days from Metro Manila together with my other orders, fertilizer, vegetables seeds and seedling bags.

With my supportive husband, we planted the seeds in a container full of sawdust. We watered regularly and placed it under the sun and after few weeks, we transferred it to the ground around our home. I really would like to replace the lanzones trees because they’re not bearing fruits anyway.

Aside from what I mentioned, they also sell herbs and spices seeds, sunflower varieties, beans and vines and basil varieties. Check out their shop, GreenAce Garden at Shopee. They gave me okra seeds as freebies so one satisfied customer here.

Aditha’s Farm Supply

I also ordered online from Aditha’s Farm Supply since it’s within our province. The farm is from Lian, Batangas. I thought that delivery might be cheaper. Or delivery time will be earlier but it took 10 days and shipping fee was almost the same. But still I gave it a try because the seeds were not repacked unlike the seeds I got from GreenAce Garden.

I ordered melon, cauliflower, herbs and pechay. Aside from seeds and seedlings, they have different variants of fertilizer and some garden needs like pots, sprayer, hose and sprinkler and other supplies. Check Aditha’s Farm Supply at Shopee.

As we are now in quarantine, we have a lot of time during weekend and I think it’s economical to purchase seeds and seedlings instead of plants. Unless you prefer paying extra for shipping fees for plants in pots than waiting for these seeds and seedlings to grow. But if you are impatient then maybe this hobby is not for you.

My Plants and Vegetable Garden

My Caballero, Fire or Flame trees are growing healthier each day. These photos were taken weeks ago and I really wish to replicate my Sakura moments in Japan. It’s so dreamy and romantic. I pray that my kids will love them too as they grow around our home.

We also have vegetable garden at home. To name a few, we have eggplant, okra, pechay, mustasa, cucumber, pepper and ampalaya. Growing our own food at home is so satisfying. Not only does it saves us a lot of money but we also get to eat fresh and healthy vegetables each meal. Also, we don’t have to go to public market considering the danger of the virus.

So many hobbies and so many passion turned into business because we have a lot of time in our hands. And nowadays, all you need is available online including your favorite plant! If you like this article, please don’t forget to share and follow our Facebook page, MyKmagazine for more. Thanks for reading! 💜

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