Why You Need to Renew Your SMAC!

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Ok, SMAC is short for SM Advantage Card. I got my card more than a decade ago but when I left for Japan, I was not able to renew. I only got my new SMAC December of 2019 and renewed it last December of 2020. But why do you need to renew your SMAC? What are the perks?

Photo from smadvantage.com

SMadvantage.com puts it simply, “If you want a rewarding experience every time you shop, then SMAC is for you. Through SMAC, you get to shop with points, get discounts, and enjoy freebies with brands that fit your lifestyle. So whether you are shopping for your fashion staples or beauty essentials, stocking up on grocery needs, or even furnishing your home, you can SMAC it!”

The reason I renewed mine is because every time I fill my tank for gas at Shell, I get points which I can redeem when shopping at SM. Although honestly, I alternately do my shopping at SM and Robinson’s depending on traffic situation in Lipa. And sometimes S&R in case I will throw a small party at home since it saves me a lot if I buy there in bulk.

So aside from Shell, other SMAC partners are LOOK, UNIQLO, WATSONS. It also includes Our Home, The Body Shop, Crate & Barrel, MINISO, BABY Company, Innisfree. More shops includes Sports Central, Toy Kingdom, X Under Armour, Pet Express. They also partnered with Surplus, Ace Hardware, Forever 21, CROCS, Levi’s, Alfamart and many more. Some of the hotel partners are Taal Vista and Pico de Loro.

Steps to Renew Your SMAC

It’s pretty easy actually. You only have to wait for a few minutes to renew your SMAC. Go to customer service and pay Php 200. The customer service staff will get your government issued ID for the details. They will key-in all the information at the counter, get your signature and viola! They will hand out your SMAC in few minutes. Most probably, you will try to ask if you can renew it at the cashier. Like when they handed out your SMAC card the first time, but no. I tried and it’s only possible at customer service. And for only Php 200, your card is valid for five years!

SMAC renewal receipts

Why Am I Suddenly Into SMAC?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I did not really get the card because of loyalty whatsoever. I’m doing my shopping and grocery depending on traffic situation in our area. But after renewing my SMAC, I purchased my birthday gift for my girls. And got 10% discount for all the items I bought. Here’s the receipt for you to see!

SM receipts

Since the pandemic, we barely go out as a family. So I decided to buy Nintendo Switch so we can have fun at home. Not the usual movie night, cooking together and playing classic and board games. Sometimes they’ll play Nintendo after their online class and when they’re tired of YouTube. Mostly after playing Mine Craft, when they’re done watering my plants and just to pass the time. It’s just a good alternative because we really do not have so many options.

So if you’re thinking if you’ll get that SMAC being offered during check-out, I will urge you to. Having doubts if you’ll renew SMAC? Go and get that five-year loyalty card. Because that 10% discount is such a big treat. My phone was water damaged because of our recent beach trip. Hopefully they’re still offering discounts because I am planning to replace it! I will give you an update. Just check MyKmag for latest articles and please don’t forget to follow MyKmagazine facebook page!

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