Why You Should Visit Montemaria Batangas with Side Trip to Isola Vista Beach Resort

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Although the site is still under development, I will tell you why you should visit Montemaria Batangas with side trip to Isola Vista Beach Resort.

Tower of Peace, Future Pilgrimage Destination of the World

The 96-m statue of Montemaria similar to Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro aims to be the pilgrimage destination of the world. Current landmarks now are the chapels, retreat facilities and meditation grounds but soon there will be residences, hotels and restaurants. Soon there will be health and wellness centers, recreational facilities, infinity pool and marine museum and constructions are now on-going.

Rio de Janeiro boasts 5 million tourists yearly. Attractions are the beautiful beaches and well-preserved parks and wildlife. A lively city with concerts, carnivals and football matches. On the other hand, Montemaria Batangas, once constructions are completed will be peaceful and tranquil for pilgrims, devotees, tourists’ even retirees. Soon, I predict that this will be exclusive for members only or will charge guests for fees to maintain and further improve the facilities.

If you are interested to avail the membership, you can visit their official website here. You can also buy shares as it is a publicly listed holding company with trading symbol: ABA traded in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

  1. Proprietary (Founder) Membership Plan, withmembership cost of Php 150,000.
  2. Associate (Pilgrim) Membership Plan, withmembership cost of Php 35,000

A Statue of Mary On Top of the Mountain

We visited the pilgrimage site last summer of 2018 and the place was truly grandeur with the statue visible from the bottom of the mountain. Quite a large group of people came on Easter Sunday but still not too crowded. The area is so open and airy as it is on top of the mountain. Bring or rent car if you’re planning to visit too as I did not see any public vehicle on our way up. You may park the vehicles on designated areas. Then you have to walk to the chapels and take the stairs up to the statue so better wear comfortable shoes. Mass is held every Fridays to Saturdays and every 8th of the month.

Regular mass schedule taken from the official website, Montemaria Batangas

A seawater pool with the view of an island

After visiting Montemaria, we were lucky enough to book a room without reservation at Isola Vista Beach Resort. Day tour as we originally planned, is not a good idea as it is unsafe to drive down the mountain at night. We also wanted to stay longer and enjoy the seawater pool instead of the usual chlorine-treated swimming pools. There were engines pumping the water from the ocean, circulating and returning to the sea. I think the salt water is gentler to the eyes and skin since we enjoyed long hours of swimming only taking breaks during lunch and dinner. The beach though is too rocky, no powdery sand, too many pebbles and corals. The resort offers water activities like banana boat, flying fish, coral watching and many others. Here are the photos at the resort:

Cabina rooms are fully air conditioned with bathroom, no WIFI, ref or TV. Entrance fees are free if you book a room. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted. Day tour is also available if you opt not to stay overnight. You may bring food and drinks without corkage fees and may use the grilling areas free of charge. No restaurant inside the resort but there are food stalls nearby. You may check all the details at their official Facebook page, click here for full details. 

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Isola Vista Beach Resort Room Rates

Visit Montemaria with side trip to Isola Vista Beach resort if you’re not planning anything yet. Tell us your experience too! Follow mykmag.com for more family travels!

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