Working From Home Challenges and How to Overcome It

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We’re seeing a new world under this enhanced community quarantine because of this Covid 19 pandemic. Companies not related to food, medicine and basic needs are not allowed to operate. Export manufacturing and BPO industries must provide accommodation in order to continue its business under skeletal workforce.

All public transportation are suspended. The environment can breathe again with less factories in operation and few cars on the road. Scientists claim less pollution, in fact, a post circulating online shows a clear view of Sierra Madre in Manila.

A call to stay at home! As an export manufacturer, management released a memo for us to follow. I am truly grateful! But is working from home better for you amid Covid 19 pandemic?

Of course, the sacrifices of our doctors, nurses and health care workers are incomparable. Same as the police and military, security guards, and other frontliners, we are forever in your debt. But for us who are asked to stay home, some are fortunate to be working from home, what are the challenges and how do we overcome it?

Your family, mostly kids.

Yes, that is the most challenging! In fact, most memes circulating online are tied up kids while parents are working with their laptop. Fortunately, my kids are old enough to understand. I can ask them to lower their voice or go outside the room specially when I’m on a call.

You just have to deal with their habit of making “kulit” every now and then. “Mom, I’m hungry! I want to play. Why are you still working?” It’s inevitable. You just need to remind them that you are working. You are at home instead and not in the office since we’re not allowed to go out because of the virus. For your terrible twos up to five-year old babies, maybe it’s best to ask someone to babysit for you while you are working.

The comfort of your bed

It’s inviting. Whatever reason why you’re sleepy, whether you binge-watched your favorite Korean drama the night before, you have to ignore your bed. I even read that you must avoid working in your bedroom to focus on your tasks. So perhaps it’ll work for you if you do it in the study room, or home office. Honestly, my hands are full and can’t even think of lying down my bed.

Noise and distractions

Roosters crow. Your dog barks. You can hear the noise from your TV or Spotify. Your kids shout and laugh out loud while playing outside. If you’re in the city, you cannot mute the honking of cars. So many noises confirming you are indeed working from home. It’s sometimes embarrassing when you need to talk during a conference meeting and your colleagues hear such sounds. Make it a point to be in a quiet room during conference calls.

Food fiesta

Did you prepare for this enhanced community lock down too? You bought food, enough for your family, because only one person is allowed to go out and buy food? Suddenly, you remembered the snack you bought or the yogurt in the fridge. You made a trip to the kitchen because the home cooked meal smells so good.

If you don’t want to look bigger after this quarantine then you must stick to your diet. Treat food like you would in the office. Act the same at home, else when this is all over, you will restart your diet again. And worse, you will never meet your deadlines at work.

Do your daily routine like you would when you’re going to the office. Wake up early, take a a shower and eat your breakfast before you start working from home.

Stop for breaks, coffee or tea, and take some time away from your laptop to prevent eye strain. It can be dizzying if you don’t take breaks. Eat your lunch on time and finish your work on time too.

Compared to frontliners, you are fortunate enough to still earn money during this difficult time of the year. So give back to your employer by doing your best still.

Let us all pray for a virus-free world. Follow official page of Department of Health for latest updates. We will publish another post on things to do during quarantine so watch out for our next blog. Be healthy and stay safe.

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