Working Mom Struggles: Work and Life Balance

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Sounds familiar? Fulfilling roles as a mother and a career woman can be very challenging. Imagine managing a family and work at the same time. I tell you, it is challenging as it sounds (and definitely more).

“We are expected to work like to we do not have children and raise children like we do not work. ” Can anyone tell me how is that possible? How do we survive?

1. Know your priorities.

If you feel that taking care of your child is your utmost priority, you can opt to have home based job. Working from far home is quite a challenge but if you know that it is the only way you can provide well for your family, don’t feel guilty. It won’t make you less of a mom if you are not with your kid 24/7. Having a reliable and trusted nanny (or parent /in-laws) is a big relief. Knowing that you’re child is safe and loved even when you are not with them everyday will lessen your stress. Yes, it will always be a dramatic and heartbreaking moment leaving your child but you have to push back your tears and properly wave goodbye to your kiddo.

2. Make every moment with your child count.

“You will never get this time back and time is what your kids want the most from you.” -John Finch

Find time for your kid and make sure that it will always be a quality time whenever you’re together. Get down on the floor and play with them, simple things are what they will remember. Plan your weekend bonding and make it memorable. Click here for some of our recommended destinations and family travels.

3. Focus on work “while working”

Efficiency at work is about completing all tasks within your working hours. No delays and backlogs means you can have a well deserved day off. No unnecessary messages and phone calls while you are enjoying time with your family. And do not bring your work at home. If you are expecting a long weekend or even on a normal weekend, anticipate issues that will occur at work during your absence and prepare contingency plan. Delegate tasks to those in-charge at work during your day off or send step by step instructions.

4. Establish routine and strictly follow

Establishing kids’ daily routine (especially toddler) can be quite a challenge, STRICTLY following the routine is another story. If you are a fully hands on Mom who prepares breakfast and packed lunch, drops off your kid to school and picks them up after school, you do need to come up with a daily schedule so as not to miss anything on your list (time table maybe?)
Putting your kids to bed on time is a “challenge”. There will always be “Mommy, one more story please”. Be strict with your rules, it will be easier once they learn to adjust. Remember, you still have a BIG baby to take care of once kids are on bed.

5. Lastly, Don’t forget to have “we” & “me” time

Yes Mom, you deserve pampering as well. Click here for recommended hangout spots for your “we & “me” time. Please like and follow our official FB page too! It is OK to give in to your guilty pleasures sometimes. Go out with your friends once in a while, take a step back from all the stress so you can have a refreshed mind and soul. Having dates with your big baby a.k.a hubby is also a must. All work and no play will make the relationship dull and boring. You don’t have to feel guilty if you have to leave your kid at home for a date night.

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